Precision Farming

Propel your agriculture or crop business into the future with Senseology’s drone-based solutions.  Working closely with farmers and ranchers, our home-grown drone solutions help you to optimize your operations to help you increase yields and profitability.

  • Gain greater insights into your livestock and farming assets with precision and on-demand data
  • Reduce your manpower costs for scouting and measuring and increase your scalability
  • Get peace of mind that you are running an efficient operation with the ability to make quicker decisions

Oil, Gas and Energy

Avoid costly downtime with Senseology’s complete end-to-end solutions that provide you with the highest quality aerial footage and data – both on land and offshore.  Oil, gas and energy operations pose inherent risk and hazard. Conduct your aerial missions with ease and precision while ensuring safety for your personnel and operations.  Our drone solution allows you to:

  • Detect leaks and spills immediately, reducing your risk and liability
  • Conduct your routine field inspections with a push of a button and access on-demand reports and footage
  • Be alerted to security breaches or defined incidents while running our drone surveillance


A breach of security or intrusion can be a dangerous event that can put your facility and personnel at serious risk.  Such a situation requires real-time and precise data and visibility.  

Senseology’s security and surveillance solution immediately provides your key personnel with real-time video and photos to enable them to make informed decisions and respond promptly to emergency situations.   Being able to quickly assess a security breach, your security officers and emergency responders will appreciate the speed and precision of having access to this footage and data right at their fingertips.  

The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today to start talking about how drone technology solutions can help your business thrive.